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RE: new book, more info

> DINOSAURS: The Encyclopedia   by: Glut, Donald F.
>   ISBN 0-89950-917-7
>   pub: McFarland & Company, Inc.
>   1040 pages
>   Cost: $145.00
> Have you seen this book? Do you have a publication date. My local book 
> shop(excellent) doesn't show a listing at this time....only Glut's older 
> books
> John Rafert  jrafert@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu

I have not seen the book but it is due for release in July 1994, and is
formatted so that new dinosaur discoveries can be added.  I wonder if that
means it is going to be a binder or if smaller addendums will be released
at later times.
---John Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>