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Re: Radiometric Cretaceous dates

>Anyone with a better reference library than mine:
>   I'm having a debate with a local colleague about the validity of
>biostratigraphic dating vs. sequence stratigraphic dating.  Upshot is,
>we need a current source of radiometric dates for precise intervals within
>the Santonian through early Maastrichtian of the Upper Cretaceous.
>Harland, et al., 1989, _A geologic time scale_ does not give dates more
>precise than the stadial boundaries.  Anyone know a better source?
David,  Try: 

Goodwin, Mark B.; ''The first radiometric ages from the Judith River 
Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Hill County, Montana'', 1989 [Museum of 
Paleontology, University of California at Berkeley]
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