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Re: More warm blood

Tom Said:
> Today's New York Times has a story on research by William Showers and Reese 
> Barrick of North Carolina State University. They say that isotope ratios in 
> oxygen from phosphate in tyrannosaur bones indicates that the critter was 
> warm-blooded. 

I'm not sure that the oxygen isotope ratios would necessarily indicate
the body temperature of the dinosaur.  It certainly reflects the
temperature of formation of the phosphates, primary or secondary.  Was
it the carbonate ions of the phosphate or the phosphate ions that were
used.  Also, was there any mention of the assumed delta 18 O of the
water of formation and how they derived that??

I'd like to know more so that I can assess the results more fully. 
Sounds like they probably had a result that is open to interpretation
and if warm bloodedness is their only suggestion, then I think it rather

Neil Clark
University of Glasgow