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Re: re:T. rex hot blood

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I seem to have blinked and missed a few messages!
"Gigantothermy" - am I only the only one wondering what this is?
Mesozoic seawater oxygen isotopes is hard enough as it is - I would have 
thought their use in dinosaur skeletons was virtually impossible, if not 
seriously flawed.

I'll look up the Science reference which you give when I can 
(unfortunately I don't have access to College libraries until October).
Good of you to give references - this is one thing which I think "Earth 
Magazine" lacks. Please, please, please give references (papers and/or 
books) for news items and feature articles. Ideally, you would list books 
suitable for everyone from amateurs to professionals, although I guess 
this could be quite hard.

Richard Marsden