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re:RE: New Dinosaur Book

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From: dinosaur
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Subject: New Dinosaur Book
Date: Thursday, July 07, 1994 12:06PM

New book:

Dinosaurs: the encyclopedia.  by: Donald F. Glut
  McFarland & Company, Inc. 1994
  ISBN 0-89950-917-7

The listing shows a whopping 1040 pages with illustrations.
If anyone has seen this book or knows if it is available, please
 ---John Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>---

I have a book entitled" The Dinosaur Encyclopedia". Mine is written by Don 
Lessom and Donald Glut.I am sorry, but it is at home and I cannot confirm 
the ISBN #, etc. The book covers quite a few types including nominia 
The illustrations are pencil drawings by several well known Dino artists. 
seems many are by Greg Paul and similar to his "Preditory Dionsaurs". Not 
bad book, especially for amateurs and people new to the "sport". If you 
the Dinosauria, you won't need this. I, myself, buy damn near anything 


Does any of this books have a CD-ROM versions? Or anybody knows a good 
dino-encyclopedia CD_ROM, something that's doesn't have to be interactive 
but complete. I tried the one that Knowledge Adventure made but it's just 
purely interactive and does not have any search capabilities.

tx- rene