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re: Homeothermic T.rex

The article on T.rex has really caused quite a stir!  I must say that I
also am very sceptical about the results obtained. The methodology itself
needs to be refined  before any such gross deductions of homeothermy are
made.  Last year at the Second Oxford Workshop on Bone Diagenesis 
(12-14 july 1993) Kolodny
& Luz concluded that the oxygen isotopic signals are altered due to post
mortem chemical changes.  They analyzed 6 fossil localities which included
fish, aquatic reptiles. dinosaurs and mammals and found that the in every
locality the oxygen isotopic ratios are similar.  They suggest the
homogenization of the signal is a result of paleolatitudes rather than
homeothermy.  I think that until such time that reptiles and dinos
from the same beds are examined and show distinctly different signals there
will be alot of sceptics.