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Re: Homeothermic T.rex

Anusuya Chinsamy <anusuya@pobox.upenn.edu> writes:

> (12-14 july 1993) Kolodny
> & Luz concluded that the oxygen isotopic signals are altered due to post
> mortem chemical changes.  They analyzed 6 fossil localities which included
> fish, aquatic reptiles. dinosaurs and mammals and found that the in every
> locality the oxygen isotopic ratios are similar.  They suggest the
> homogenization of the signal is a result of paleolatitudes rather than
> homeothermy.

Ah, but Kolodny & Luz seem conveniently to have missed the point that
fish and aquatic reptiles will tend to be homeothermic by the nature of
their environment - only a few fishes such as tuna have any endothermic
ability, so these animals tend to stay in waters of generally constant


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