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CD-ROMs revisited

Two people responded to my CD-ROM reviews.  Both people intended to
send their comments to the list instead of to me alone, so I'm
forwarding them.  First, Russ Jacobson (jacobson@fred.isgs.uiuc.edu)

: Another CD you might consider is the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by
: Gazelle Tech. This one seems to be pretty good. It is a British
: Company and I actually like it a little better than what I can
: determine is in the Microsoft CD. Also until recently the Microsoft
: program was not available for the Mac which is my own personal
: computer of choice.

Second, Vicki Rosenzweig (vr%acmcr.uucp@murphy.com) wrote:

] I found the Microsoft dinosaur CD-ROM disappointing. I didn't
] spot errors, but it seemed remarkably sketchy, with tiny bits
] of animation and two-sentence explanations. Part of the problem
] may be that CD-ROM is promoted as a new and wonderful medium,
] and in many ways I felt a book with some decent illustrations
] would have given me more information, in a more easily accessible
] form, for less money. One concrete example: there was a geological
] time-line, labeled in some detail, that you could click on for
] more information, but when you clicked, what you got was a
] _brief_ discussion of the entire Cretaceous.
While I'm here I want to throw in a small piece of administrivia.
I've started getting more aggressive about removing people from the
list when e-mail bounces.  Ordinarily I let these things slide because
mail often bounces due to temporary problems with intermediate hosts.
If I start receiving indications that the problem is more severe
(e.g. your own host says it doesn't know you, or as in a recent case,
if your mailbox has been over its quota for well over two weeks) I'm
going to manually remove you.  If you stop getting dinosaur list mail
and suspect that you should have received some, please write to me
personally (or if you're willing to search for your name send the

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Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)