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Re: Dinosaur related sightseeing in Central Alberta

My husband and I are thinking of a trip to Drumheller -- I have been
fascinated by dinosaurs, off and on, since I was 3 or so, and have
done reading in the field, on an amateur level, and my husband is
interested, too.  We have some good information from the Alberta
Tourist Information office, and I have been reading the 'dinosaur'
mail-list.  I want to thank you for your very helpful article, and to
ask about one aspect of the trip that you didn't mention.

Our main problem is that we would like to avoid renting and driving a
car as much as possible.  We will have to fly to Calgary from
Massachusetts.  Do you know whether there are convenient guided tours?
Are there tours that include lodging and meals?  Ideally, we would
like to have all the transportation provided for us.  We are used to
walking a few miles a day but we don't want long hikes.  I guess what
I am really asking for is the equivalent of an ocean cruise or a
safari, which probably doesn't exist.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.  I'm beginning to
feel that the LaBrea Tar Pitts would be more our speed.

---Charlotte Mooers