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Well to put my two cents in, I own the following CD's

Microsoft Dinosaurs
Microsoft Corporation

Dinosaurs!  The Multimedia Encyclopedia
Media Design Interactive


Dinosaur Discovery, a Multimedia Experience
Applied Optical Media Corporation

I consider the microsoft CD simply entertainment, the Dinosaurs! CD is 
terrible and I can't believe I spent money on it.  The Dinosaur Discovery 
CD I really like because it is searchable and extensively 
cross-referenced.  However, I can not be considered a judge of accuracy  
(since I am a chemist and not a palentologist) for the content but I did 
not see any glaring errors in the times that I have used it.  One thing I 
do like about it is that it has quite a few of the Chinese/Asian 
dinosaurs in its listings.  I haven't seen this in any of the other CD's 
(9including ones I have seen but don't own.)