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Dinosaur Tracks in Coal Mines??

Natural casts of dinosaur tracks frequently occur in the roof surfaces of
coal mines in central Utah; I'm an artist in New York City working on a small
book on the subject, and I'm looking for historical, anecdotal, and/or
scientific data on this phenomenon, and any archival photographs of these
track casts taken on site. I have the book TRACKS AND TRACES by  Martin
Lockley and David Gillette and also TRACKING DINOSAURS by Lockley; but I'm
looking for more than this, maybe any popular journalistic treatments, or
perhaps even anecdotal information from the perspective of the coal miners!
Can anyone direct me to an archive in Utah that can help? Does anyone have
any information at all that might help me?? 
Thanks in advance, 
--Allan McCollum (my EMAIL address:  AllanMcNYC@AOL.com