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Re: Dinosaur Tracks in Coal Mines??

Allan McCollum asked about trackways in the ceilings of caves in Utah.

>From another net.friend (Andrew MacRae for those of you in the
talk.origins crowd) I can suggest the following source:

>Balsley, John K., 1980.  Cretaceous wave-dominated delta systems:  
>Book Cliffs, east central Utah: a field guide.  Unpublished.  Amoco  
>Production Company, Denver Coldorado, p.1-163.  [Although  
>unpublished, this book is a classic available in most univerisity  
>geology libraries.]

I also have a gif image from Andrew diagrammatically portraying some
footprints and tree stumps in the ceiling of one of these caves:

>Description for file "footprints.gif" 769 X 1308 pixels, 1 bitplane.  
>Part of figure 88 of Balsley, 1980.

If you have access to software that will let you view it, I can make
the image available.  Since it's only black/white it's not that
impressive, but it does allow you to imagine a dinosaur walking up to
and then grazing on a tree...

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)