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Re: re:T. rex hot blood

From: Richard Marsden <redbaron@cix.compulink.co.uk>

 > I seem to have blinked and missed a few messages!
 > "Gigantothermy" - am I only the only one wondering what this is?

It is an alternative word for "bulk homeothermy", that is
stabilization of body temperature due to large body size
(square-cube law).

Sauropods were almost certainly gigantotherms.  Not only were
they so large that endothermy would have been useless (at best),
but there have been studies showing that their numbers scale with
size in a way expected for organisms with a low metabolism. (Check
some of Dale Russell's books - he actually claims this is evidence
that *all* dinosaurs are low metabolism - but I partitioned his
data set, and the low metabolism scaling only applies to the sauropods).

I doubt many other dinosaurs were bulky enough to be gigantotherms,
with the possible exception of some of the ankylosaurs.

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