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The "second circular" is just a flier with information about the  
October SVP meeting in Seattle. SVP members get a "first circular,"  
which is just a slightly more vague and uninformative version of the  
second, in the spring. Then they send out a second circular in the  
summer. It includes stuff like a map of the neighborhood where the  
meeting is being held, a registration form (you get a big break if  
you register before 6 September), info on field trips, addresses and  
phone numbers of hotels - in other words, nothing too exciting.  
There's even a cute picture of the ailing Triceratops from JP. The  
only possible reason you might care about any of this stuff is if you  
are actually going to the meeting, and if you are not a member and  
are planning to go, not having the circular could be inconvenient. My  
guess is that if you were dying to see one, you could write to the  
following address to get one:

SVP '94 Host Committee
Burke Museum DB-10
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

However, it's possible that these people don't actually have any  
copies of the circular because I believe it was mailed out in the  
first place by the private Chicago company that took over day-to-day  
administration of the society earlier this year. I think the  
following address will work for those guys:

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
401 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-4267