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Dinosaur Videos

There are several dinosaur programs available on videotape and/or laserdisc
that I have found superior to most of the cd-rom programs currently
available. One program, "Dinosaur!" (originally broadcast by CBS nearly
ten years ago) is being shown on the cable Discovery Channel on Monday,
July 25 at 9:00 p.m. It is hosted by Christopher Reeve and features
outstanding animation sequences by Phil Tippet, whose expertise on
dinosaur movement was invaluable in the production of "Jurassic Park."

A&E's "Dinosaur!" hosted by Walter Cronkite is available on both
videotape and laserdisc, as is PBS's "The Dinosaurs!" (Both of these
are 4-part series.) The laserdiscs are CLV. The Smithsonian produced
a CAV laserdisc called "Dinosaurs: Fantastic Creatures That Ruled
the Earth."

I am interested in comments from the readership on the relative merits
of the videos mentioned above. The one being shown on the Discovery
Channel is only 1-hour long, but in some ways has an appeal that all
of the others lack. (It is also available on videotape four about
$9.99 if you can find it.)

----- Amado Narvaez