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Re: Amado Narvaez on Euoplocephalus

From: Thom Holmes <70621.2234@compuserve.com>
 > [From Dino Times]
 > "Dinosaur researchers Kenneth Carpenter and Walter Coombs agree to disagree 
 > about whether Euoplocephalus is actually the same as Dyoplosaurus. ...
 > "... 'the armor of
 > Dyoplosaurus is well known from two specimens. On the neck, the armor 
 > consists
 > of rectangular keeled scutes (bony knobs) and flat oval scutes. The tail 
 > club 
 > is as long as it is wide.' The armor on the neck of Euoplocephalus, on the 
 > other hand, consists only of oval plates fused to an underlying curved band 
 > of
 > bone. In addition, the tail club is wider than it is long, distinguishing it 
 > from Dyoplosaurus."

That is certainly a difference.  The real question is, is it
a genus level difference, or only a species level difference.
That sort of decision is at least partly a judgement call,
and there is bound to be some difference of opinion on this.

The difference in armor shape seems, to me, to be slightly more
substantial than can reasonably be included in one genus.

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