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Re: Utahraptor and Size

> reptiles seem to have no problem with having a good amount of size
> variation with genera and, given that dinos grew throughout their lives
> as good reptiles, there should be no problem in their being a Velociraptor
> or Dein. that is significantly bigger than the few specimens we have
> available to us. Certainly, another species of either genus (and I

Yes, but the whole bunch of JP critters?
Also, V. was not only smaller (by a LOT) than Deinonychus (and the movie V.s)
but also looked completely different, as far as I know.

Its head was far more crocodilian and one of my books states that is actually
had a smaller sickle-claw in relation to body size than other dromaeosaurids.

> Anyway, and I'll enjoy and comments on this, I think it was rather
> reasonable to include a raptor in JP that is of a bigger size than we
> knew of at the time and I would have been suprised if a big version

I don't know. If for some reason someone decide to depict an Ocelot the size
of a Siberian Tiger (or to stay "reptilian" a Chameleon the size of a Comodo
Dragon) wouldn't you shout foul?


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