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Re: Utahraptor and Size

> Yeah, I agree. It's a movie. They can do whatever they want to the
> dinosaurs in a fiction context and make it "reasonable" to them. Look what
> they did to poor dilophosaurus!!!!!! The problem is that they just made
> unbased changes to make them "scary" etc, for the movie. They didn't sit
> around and calculate population variations. BTW, I *can't* convince some kids
> that dilophosaurs didn't spit, were not tiny little beasts with frills!

The "Dilophosaurus Case" I can't forgive them. I wonder why M.C. went along 
with it, *if* he had as much say in the movie as he stated he had.

WHile I found the idea of making it a venomous animal was intrigueing (and
I deeply regret that that is one thing we will most likely never find out
about dinos) making it a small mix between a Gremlin and ET made me wince -
though the movie audience loved it.

The frill was a neat idea though (but I think M.C. also had that in the book...)
Given that we now think that many dinos were colored according to habitate and
life-style, with camouflage or bright mating colors, plus that some may have
had bright sails and even trunks, then such a frill makes sense.


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