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Methow Vally (Wash State) dig

   As was discussed last spring there are people looking for fossils in a 
micro-terrane in central Washington state this summer. Tuesday's Seattle 
Times ran a full page with color photo spread on the Burke Museum team.
   Most of the article is background and fluff, but this is the popular 
media after all. They did give a few hard facts and admitted that they 
where trying to beat Jack Horner and the Museum of the Rockies to the punch.
   A few facts gleaned. There are four sites they looked at, all north of 
the town of Twisp, Pipestone canyon, Boesel Canyon, Driveway Butte and 
Harts Pass. Fossils found (at least mentioned in the article) 2 foot 
tropical fen, marine fossils, and 110 MYO ammonites. Ages of the rocks 
varied from 110 MYO to 70 MYO (+-10%). People mentioned Peter Ward 
(paleontologist-Burke Museum)) and Dr Howard Heller (Burke Museum), Joe 
Vance (geoloist-U of Washington),  Wesly Wehr (palobotanist) and Sam 
Girauard (12yearold from Bellingham).
  Hopefully there will be more information later

  Well off to work.....Ralph

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