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Re: Mummified Dinosaurs?

>More than once I have read about "mummified" dinosaurs, but without any
>explanation. Everytime I read it, I go "HUH???". I mean after 65+ million
>years, you can find an animal mummified like one of those mammoths from

In the book "Dinosaurs - The Textbook", it mentions that two mummified
duckbill dinosaurs were found in Alberta, Canada, and it shows a photo.
Edwin Colbert, in his book `The Great Dinosaur Hunters' (Dover, 1984), 
describes a couple of mummified skin finds (pp 195-197).  He says
George Sternberg found 2 mummified hadrosaurs in southern Wyoming (near
Lusk) in 1908, and, along with his father, grandfather and uncle,
several more along the Red Deer River near Calgary, Alberta, in the
period 1912-1917.  The Sternbergs collected for Cope, and then for
Canada's Geological Survey.  Barnum Brown also found mummified
dinosaurs, including a Corythosaurus and the ceretopsian Monoclonius.