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Message from Ron Baalke

In his account of the collection of dino mummies, Ron Baalke commented that
"The Sternbergs collected for Cope, and then for Canada's Geological Survey."
I should add that George Sternberg also collected extensively for us but did
not obtain any dino mummies during his affiliation with Fort Hays State
University. A good reference with respect to the Sternbergs is as follows:

Rogers, K. 1991. The Sternberg fossil hunters: a dinosaur dynasty. Mountain
Press Publ. Co., Missoula, Montana.

Copies of this book can be obtained directly from the press or from the
Sternberg Museum of Natural History. The cost is $12 plus tax and shipping.

J. R. Choate, Director             e-mail bijc@fhsuvm.fhsu.edu
Sternberg Museum of Natural History         voice 913-628-5664
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