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Just the FAQs, Ma'am.

After being away from the net for just under a week I'm quite pleased
to see that the list is still working and lepomis didn't explode.
(Admit it, you worry like that too, don't you?)

However, an interesting meta-topic seems to have begun to burn slowly
in my absence.  The flames were sparked by:

>could you please send me the 
>dinosaur FAQ
>thank you very much
>sincerely yours
>bernard le cann

For the unwary, let me state that requests for such things are likely
to come from people even less wary than yourselves--in this case,
monsieur Le Cann is not subscribed to the list, and probably has no
idea what it's all about (I'm about to rectify that situation).  There
is no FAQ associated with this list (so far as I know, anyways).  I
suspect that it might be a good idea for us to have one, though, and
if we produce one it could be sent out as part of the welcome message
people receive when they first subscribe.  I really can't afford to
spend much time to work on this myself, but hopefully someone else
will volunteer.

I think that we could put in a pretty good group effort both at coming
up with questions and with coming up with answers for them.  It seems
to me like a good way to generate a lot of discussion about things a
lot of you are probably wondering about but have been too shy to ask.
Before we get going too far down this path, I think we should get a
(or some) volunteer(s) to agree to stitch together the pieces of the
FAQ from the dialogue I anticipate this message to generate.

Any takers?

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)