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Re: Message for Ron Baalke

J.R. Choate said:

> In his account of the collection of dino mummies, Ron Baalke commented that
> "The Sternbergs collected for Cope, and then for Canada's Geological Survey."
> I should add that George Sternberg also collected extensively for us but did
> not obtain any dino mummies during his affiliation with Fort Hays State
> University. A good reference with respect to the Sternbergs is as follows:
> Rogers, K. 1991. The Sternberg fossil hunters: a dinosaur dynasty. Mountain
> Press Publ. Co., Missoula, Montana.

Let me add my two cents worth. The book is very easy to read and hard to
put down and considering that some British publisher wants me to pay $50
to keep a text on Micropaleontology, priced right. 

Some of the stories of the earlier dinosaur hunters make fascinating

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