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Re: Utahraptor and Size

> Duh. The V. were _not_ computer generated, the Gallamimus (sp? Way off, I'm
> sure) were computer generated. The scenes with the V. were done with
> miniatures and men in suits. I thought the realism of the dinosaurs in JP
> made the movie so special, for a change the dino's were not Roger Corman
> lizards with spines glued on running in front of a postcard! Whether or not
> JP's movie plot was thin, the effects _were_ amazing.

>From here at the office I would SWEAR that The Making of JP shows that the
kitchen scene with the V. was pur comp-anim. As was the T.Rex vs. V. fight.

I also remember some TV special where they showed the process of the actors
running around something invisible and then having shameless SGI plugs (:-)
when showing how they put the dinos in, starting with wire-frames up to the
fully shaded 3D object.

Ah well, doesn't really matter, and prolly doesn't belong on the list.

Mike (who works on SGI and has a genetical alarm clock whenever these boxes
appear on TV :-)

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