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Re: Utahraptor and Size

> > My assumption has always been that the JP "Velociraptors" WERE Deinonychus, 
> > following Greg Paul's lumping of the two genera.  I also understand that 
> > one 
> > reason for the large size of the JP raptors was to provide a costume into 
> > which a human operator could fit.
> Duh. I thought the V. were to be and were computer-generated? Meaning totally
> and completely without ever using models. (which was what made the JP FX
> so special and novel).
 Duh (so how do you like it??). Lots of models and puppets were used with
the CG, including human-inside "costumes".

The reason they swelled up the velcriptator was inlarged was to make them
"scary" (I think I'd be afraid of a velcriptator normal size!).

I think only Mr. Paul lumps vel. and dein., and he's an artist, not a

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