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Re: Utahraptor and Size

>Duh. I thought the V. were to be and were computer-generated? Meaning totally
>and completely without ever using models. (which was what made the JP FX
>so special and novel).

Crichton used "velociraptor" as a generic name for the type of creature
represented by deinonychus in the book.  What he would have called "the"
velociraptor, I don't know.  Spielberg scaled the critters up for dramatic
impact, not to make suits easier.

That said, however, any time you can't see the _whole_ dinosaur in the
movie, you are looking at a mechanical effect.  Closeups of the t-rex are
the full-size animitron (one or the other, the top was one, the bottom
was the other), closeups of the 'raptors are guys wearing 'raptor suits,
and so on.

Larry Smith