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Re: Utahraptor and Size

According to Mike Hoffmann:
>> My assumption has always been that the JP "Velociraptors" WERE Deinonychus, 
>> following Greg Paul's lumping of the two genera.  I also understand that one 
>> reason for the large size of the JP raptors was to provide a costume into 
>> which a human operator could fit.
>Duh. I thought the V. were to be and were computer-generated? Meaning totally
>and completely without ever using models. (which was what made the JP FX
>so special and novel).

I was told by a friend who worked for Stan Winston that they were planning to
do many of the things that were animated with animatronics, stop action, and
other "real" techniques, but the computer animation turned out better than 
anyone had expected.

They did have costumes for the 'raptors, BTW.

--Merrick Burkhardt