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Re: Utahraptor and Size

According to Bob Myers:
> On Jul 28,  9:57, Sherry Michael wrote:
> } Subject: Re: Utahraptor and Size
> > > 
> > I think only Mr. Paul lumps vel. and dein., and he's an artist, not a
> > paleontologist.
> Just because he can draw doesn't mean he isn't a paleontologist.

Bakker can draw very well and is a good artist. I'd never say he wasn't a
paleo. He has a degree and active research.

> Next you're going to say that Stephen Czerkas is just a sculptor, right?
> I guess that means his work on stegosaur plates must be invalid.

Not at all. I didn't say anything at all about Greg's art not being
vailid. Many however thinks he takes leaps with data. He isn't a
paleontologist, I'm sorry. I don't think him lumping species around and
pushing it as a scientific norm is his right when he isn't in a position
to do so.


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