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JP dinos, T.rex vs Epanterias

> Yeah, too bad huh? I like some of the dinos. I loved how the raptors moved!
> -Sherry

They certainly were active little buggers!  I also enjoyed another scene
where the gallimus flock came running down the hill then past Dr. Grant, Tim
and Lex.  The footage seemed so real to me, and we could even hear their
footsteps on the grass! When they jumped over the fallen log, I was reminded
of some video I've seen on "Nature" of antelope herds.  The scene was
completed in spectacular fashion when the T.rex ambushed the flock from
behind some trees.

A question: I continually read (in even recent books) about how the T.rex is
the "largest terrestrial carnivore ever" or words to that effect.  Is this
still true? What about the "Epanterias amplexus" reported in various popular
journals circa 1990?  The articles were stating that this dinosaur, an
ALLOSAUR, was 50 feet long, as large as or larger than T.rex.  Has
"epanterias" ever been officially described and confirmed to be that large?
 Or have later T.rex findings served to keep T.rex "king of the hill"?  In
Horner's "The Complete T. Rex", he states that "Sue", found in 1990, was at
least 5% larger than any previously found specimen of T.rex, and the length
was established at about 40 feet.

Just wondering,

Lyle P. Blosser, dinophile  7/29/94 11:45:59 PM