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mastodon fossil available

Est. eighty five percent (85%) complete, Location: Alaska.  

Price includes excavation, preparation, shipment and erection on site to
Museum quality standards. Payment is to be made by issue of a Letter of
Credit in the full face amount of the sales price, including the Good Faith
Deposit, issued out of a top 50 World rated, Bank. Payment is to be drawn in
Six Stages over a period of one year. Draws are indicated below;

Stage One, (Good Faith Deposit),                                 $100,000.00 
Site Inspection, Authentication and Verification of Ownership            

Stage Two, (three months, team of five plus equipment), $100,000.00 
Site Excavation                          

Stage Three, (six months, team of three),                      $125,000.00 
Preparation of fossil Bones for Shipment and Assembly            

Stage Four, (one and one half month transit by sea),      $100,000.00 
FAS Port of Entry                              

Stage Five, (one month, team of two),                           $  25,000.00 

Stage Six,
Acceptance and Transfer of Title of Ownership                    

Total Cost:                                                U.S.Dollars

Good Faith Deposit: A Good Faith Deposit shall be deposited into buyers bank
coordinates, and shall be held in escrow for the benefit of the seller, to be
released upon inspection, authentication and acceptance of the fossil by the
buyer or buyer's agent and upon the signing of a Sales Contract. Said
deposit, access to and temporary ownership of the site, and custody of the
fossil shall be forfeited by the buyer to the seller, if Stages One through
Six are not completed on schedule or as otherwise may be agreed in writing. 

Note: Considerable savings may be had by the buyer providing Stages Two,
Three, Four and Five, in which case full payment of $450,000.00 shall take
place upon the execution of a Sales Contract to include, transfer of Title of
Ownership by the seller and Acceptance by the buyer. Such payment is to be in
cash, in United States Currency and is to be transmitted by Bank to Bank wire
transfer to bank coordinates provided by seller. The seller shall provide
complete access to the site, to the buyer for the purpose of executing the
scope and intent of the sales contract. Site security shall be the
responsability of the buyer.

ENQUIRY: Mr. John Barina or Mr. Jon Hendrix, P. O. Box 360, Addison, TX
  75002 Telephone No. (214) 233 - 3354 or Facsimile No. (214) 233 - 3638,
Brokers are protected to ten percent (10%).