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Re: mastodon posting

As a followup to Mickey Rowe's comments on this posting, I
also object to the commercial use of an Internet resource, 
and to the commercialization of fossil resources in general.
Placing commercial value on one mastodon may not be "a big
deal", but it sets a prededent that may be a much bigger deal.
I am not a professional paleontologist or fossil dealer, my              
interest is strictly avocational; I can sympathize with
dealers who collect for the love of it and sell to support
their collecting, and who maintain working relations with
scientists. But this ad goes far far beyond that, putting 
fossil resources into the "collectables" arena,  not science.
If a mastodon is worth 750,000, what is a T. rex worth?
Sorry for the soapbox, but this posting really bothers me.....
 -Heather   hw@mts.rpi.edu