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? re: Asteriod/Comet impact at K-T Boundary

>From everything I have read and heard there seems to be little doubt that
something large impacted the earth 65 mya. I do have doubts though, that this
caused the demise of the dinosaur and other life forms at the time. My
question is why is the Iridium layer deposited almost a meter above the last
of the dinosaur fossils. I have never seen this issue addressed. This meter
would seem to account for a gap of 2 million plus years between the last
dinosaur fossils and the impact. I have read that the dust and soot from
fires caused by the impact would remain in the air for only few years at most
before settling back to earth. It would seem to me that the last of the
Dinosaur fossils would be right at the iridium layer or even on top of it,
not a meter beneath. The bodies found at Pompei are right under the ash of
Vesuvius, not further down. Is this an illogical comparison? Also fossils of
mammals killed by volcanic explosions have been found in many locations
buried in the ash. Why are mammals killed by volcanic explosions and dust
different from dinosaurs killed by impact explosions and dust? Is there a
good scientific explanation for this difference? 

I have other questions also, which causes me to doubt the impact theory of
extinction. Why did other species survive:
Birds, Crocadiles, snakes,turtles, lizards, mammals,sharks etc. etc.and most
species of plant life? I understand that almost all plant life came through
the K-T boundary, but in different proportions.

These questions have  probably been asked before and I appreciate your
patience while I catch up. I am brand new to this discussion group.
Thank you.