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Re: Mammoth meat

Years ago NOVA did a show on the exumation(sp?) of two long-dead seamen from
the Franklin Expedition buried in northern Canada. After digging through the
frozen ground, even before actually uncovering the bodies a smell of rotting
flesh permeated the air. After the bodies were exposed they decayed rapidly.
While they were frozen the decay was stopped, but once uncovered the decay
resumed at a rapid pace. If, in the process of exuming a human body, decay
set in so rapidly, is it not likely that an animal as large as mammoth would
suffer from decay even more rapidly long before anyone would eat it? Never
mind the fact that the mammoth must have taken a long time to freeze in the
first place. _If_ mammoth meat were found, it would surely be rancid --
wouldn't it? Does anyone have any references to the story of mammoth meat,
I'd love to read some actual texts on this subject!

Christopher Zguris