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As of 1 July 1994, the two museums on this campus (the Sternberg Memorial
Museum and the Museum of the High Plains) will formally merge as the Sternberg
Museum of Natural History. This merger precedes our move into a spectacular
new building, for which exhibit construction is in progress. For one of our
new exhibits, I would most appreciate answers to the following questions:

Where can we find a good specimen of Corythosaurus? Are there any good mounted
specimens on display in any museums? Are any of you aware whether the skeleton
has been figured and measurements have been published?  We need, at the least,
to photograph and measure a mounted specimen.

Thanks for your help.

J. R. Choate, Director             e-mail bijc@fhsuvm.fhsu.edu
Sternberg Museum of Natural History         voice 913-628-5664
Fort Hays State University                    fax 913-628-4096
Hays, KS 67601-4099, USA