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Re: Mammoth meat

On the subject of eating "old" meat, Bec Howery (rhowery@motown.ge.com)
>From the book:
      Natural History.
      A Manual of Zoology for Schools, Colleges, and the General Reader.
      author: Sanborn Tenney, A.M.
      Eighth Edition.
      New York, Charles Scribner & Co.

      on pg 46 (with the elephants):

      "In both hemispheres the superficial deposits abound with skeletons
       and parts of skeletons of elephants which are now extinct. An
       covered with long, thick hair, and wholly unlike anything now living,
       was found encased in ice on the coast of Siberia. It was in such a 
       state of preservation that dogs fed upon the flesh, although it is
       probable that it had been there thousands of years."

 - Bec Howery

Speaking as someone with only minimal knowledge (but plenty of interest :-)
!) in dinosaurs and things dinosaur-related, is a text from 1872 a reliable
source? Are there more recent stories or discoveries -- perhaps pictures? I
would think that if there are abundant deposits than someone should have
_recently_ found and documented one... it would make for great TV -- a
dinosaur with flesh and hair? Not trying to start a flame or pick a fight,
just seeking more information on a _very_ interesting subject!

Christopher Zguris