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Re: Pleistocene & K/T extinctions

>     I'm not a particularly avid supporter of the traditional changing-
> climate arguments for Pleistocene extinctions, but there are logical
> reasons to reserve judgment.  Consider, if in N.A. humans extinguished all
> that megafauna, who did the same in Europe?  Mammoths, mastodons,
> wooly rhinos, cave bears, large felids, and Irish Elk (to mention
> the noteworthy taxa) all going extinct roughly coincident with the
> North Amercican fauna.  In Europe, of course, there was no
> directed human invasion as there was in North America.

Well, yes, there was in a way.  At that time (15-000 to 10,000 BC) the
Ice Age was ending, glaciers were in retreat and new lands became
available for extensive human habitation, so people were coming into
frequent contact with these animals for the first time.  I'm no expert