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Hi folks-
   I've greatly enjoyed reading the mail that I receive from this Dinosaur
    I am not a professional in any sense of the word when it comes to
dinosaurs.  I am, however, fascinated by these magnificent creatures, and the
creatures or the sky & sea that shared the primeval world with them.
    By profession, I am an Illustrator,  and have found the study of the
physiology of animals, extinct and otherwise, to be extremely beneficial in
my work.
     I write this note to ask if anyone can suggest a book that contains good
diagrams of the skeletal structure of a range of pterasaurs.  I had hoped to
get a hold of a copy of the Encyclopedia of Pterasaurs, but apparently, it's
out of print (I would be interested in something comparable or better than
that text).  
     Additionally, I have heard that there is some evidence that many of the
raptors might have been nocturnal (As I understood it, this thought was
formulated based on the size of their orbits).  Any comments/theories?
     Please forgive any mistakes I have made in terminology.   As I've
mentioned, I'm no professional, but if anyone would like to correct or
clarify any mistakes I've made, feel free!