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Re: Baucus bill

 >From section 12 of the Baucus bill:
 > First violation - 1 yr in prison, $10,000 fine, or both
 > (this is if the "paleontological resource" is valued at less than
 > if it's greater, than the penalty is 2 years and $20,000)
 > Second violation - 5 yrs in prison, $100,000 fine, or both
 > I'm no lawyer, but these don't sound like misdemeanor penalties.

Well, in Kansas, the first is the standard penalty for a
Class A misdemeanor.  (I think it may also be the penalty
for a Class E felony, but I am not sure).

The second offense sounds like about a Class D felony in Kansas.

However, there is one other difference between a felony and
a misdemeanor - a felony conviction removes your right to
bear arms and to run for public office.

So, even for comparable penalties, the difference is important.

 > -----------------------------------
 > Picture a courtroom of the future, the first defendant is convicted
 > of drunken driving and pays a $500 fine, loses his drivers license
 > 1 year, and spends 30 days in the slammer.

Kansas Class C misdemeanor.

[Class B is 6 months in jail].

By the way, the House Bill *does* sound better - much better.
I intend to send a letter to my Senator supporing it.

What is its exact citation? (Bill number and so on).

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