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Re: Baucus bill

According to George Loud, Chair of the Conservation and
Legislation Committee of the American Federation of
Mineralogical Societies, the most current draft of the
Baucus Bill contains the following addition to the list of
prohibited acts (Section 11):

     (d) False Labeling Offenses -- No person may make
     or submit any false record, account, or label for, or
     any false identification of, any vertebrate paleonto-
     logical resource excavated or removed from federal

All Section 11 offenses are criminal under Section 12.

This means that a person who simply misidentifies and/or
mislabels a vertebrate fossil bone (taken from federal
land) will have committed a felony under the terms of
the Baucus Bill. Talk about harsh. Combined with the
"three strikes and you're out" legislation, this means
that a person successfully prosecuted for misidentifying
three vertebrate fossils (do typographical errors count?)
will go to jail for a *very* long time.

I'm all for the proper cataloging of fossils and other
natural history artifacts but, IMHO, the Baucus Bill
is completely out of control.

Richard Busch