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Re: Baucus bill

Stan wrote:
>By the way, the House Bill *does* sound better - much better.
>I intend to send a letter to my Senator supporing it.
>What is its exact citation? (Bill number and so on).

I can't find the current bill number, but the official name is:

    Paleontological Resources Preservation Act of 1994 (PRPA)

It is sometimes called the "House Bill". As I recall, the bill
already has prime sponsors in the House. A similar effort is 
underway in the Senate, but I'm not sure if there are any
prime sponsors there yet.

P.S. Thanks for your support! If anyone else would like to
contribute to getting this enacted, please call/write/fax
your Senators and Representatives. Just say PRPA-YES, Baucus-NO.