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Dinosaur Society

    In reply to John Schneiderman, I just received a copy of the "Dinosaur
Report" as part of my educator's membership. It contains a list of the
Top Ten Dinosaur Books of 1993 and a review of "Jurassic Art," a graphics
program for the PC and/or Windows that has dinosaur clip art.
    In reply to John E. Burton, Jr., the address for The Dinosaur Society
is: The Dinosaur Society, Inc.
    200 Carleton Avenue
    East Islip, New York 11730
    (516) 277-7855

    There are a number of membership options open. As an elementary school
media specialist, I took out a membership that includes _Dino Times_, a
newsletter for children. Curiously, the Top 10 booklist appeared there
before it did in "The Dinosaur Report."

    Someone earlier asked about dinosaur clip art. The review of
"Jurassic Art" in "The Dinosaur Report" was favorable, but I have not
seen it myself. There is some Macintosh clip art available through
many users' groups that is of some use. The April, May, June issue of
_The World of Macintosh Multimedia_  lists a product called
"Cinemedia" that has a volume of clip art called "Dinosaur Clips."
If anyone can comment on the quality of the Cinemedia art, I'd be
most appreciative.

    Finally, there was a publication recently called "Dinosaur Times"
which had some promise, but I have only seen three issues. Although it
included articles on the movie dinosaurs we loved to detest, it had
some very good articles on a more serious note, including interviews
with artists like Brian Franczak, Robert Walters and others. Does
anyone know the status of that publication?

----- Amado Narvaez
P.S. On a more scholarly note: The Dino Times mentioned in a recent
issue new findings that suggest that the spikes of Stegosaurus were
aimed more to the side than on a diagonal slant, and that it had
some kind of armored covering for its throat. Are these observations
now the preferred visualization of the animal?