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Jurassic Art/Clip Art

In response to the question regarding dinosaur clip art.
Computer Support Corporation of Dallas Texas has a product called "Jurassic
Art"  This product is based on their popular graphics program, Arts &
Letters, but can be purchased in a stand-alone version that only requires
Windows 3.1 to function.
I have used Arts & Letters for many years and Jurassic Art since it first
came out and I can say that it is very useful in my work as editor for a
fiction fanzine based on the book Dinotopia by James Gurney.  The program
contains over 200 dinosaur silohettes drawn in proportion to a human figure,
graphics of prehistoric flora, world maps through the geologic ages, and a
dinosaur database that contains entries on hundreds of dinosaurs as well as
categories on where to see dinosaurs, theories and controversies about
dinosaurs, interesting facts and figures such as which was the largest,
smallest, heaviest, etc., and a glossary of dinosaur related terms.
Perhaps the most fun is derived through their "Flex Art" graphics which
allow you to manipulate and pose detailed drawing of many of the dinosaurs.
Your posed drawings can them be placed on "Landscapre Scene" graphics to
create a prehistoric world on your computer monitor.
All things considered, I think they have created a fun product.  Almost like
an on-line dinosaur book, but more enjoyable since you get to crawl into it
and play with the dinosaurs yourself.
I originally purchased Jurassic Art directly from the company for 59.95, but
I have since seen it in CompUSA for a little less.
Computer Support Corp., 15926 Midway Road, Dallas TX 75244, 214/661-8960
BTW, I've been lurking on this list for a couple of months, and I'm glad to
be able to participate a little with something I know first hand.
David MacKenzie