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     Thought the following might be of interest.
     Sam Andrusko

     The Mass-extinction debates : how science works in a crisis /
edited by William Glen. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press,
1994. xiv, 370 p. Includes bibliographical references and index.  ISBN
0-8047-2285-4 (hardcover) $49.50 ISBN 0-8047-2286-2 (pbk.) $17.95. LC

     Includes chapters  by Wm. Glen, Elisabeth S. Clemens, Digby J.
McLaren, J. John Sepkoski, David M. Raup, S.V.M. Clube, Herbert Shaw,
Leigh Van Valen, Kenneth Hsu, and John C. Briggs. It is the "first book
to examine the arguments and behavior of the scientists who have ...
been locked in conflict over the competing hypotheses."