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Re: Fuel for another debate

 > Dear Dino Fans,
 > Howdy again!  This morning some friends and I were reading the
 messages and
 > talking about dinosaurs in general when one of them asked why
 T-rex's arms
 > were so small.  It didn't make much sense to
 > us to reduce ones arms but there must have been some evolutionary
 advantage to
 > it...right?  If there is a theory on this we would appreciate
 > explaining it to us.
There are several ideas, none of them much better than speculation.

It has been suggested that they were used to brace T. rex when
he got up from lying down, for instance.

*My* personal speculation is that the short arms allowed T. rex
to restrain potentially dangerous prey more rigidly (shorter
arms means less freedom of movement).  In particular, I suggest
that T. rex was specialized to eat Triceratops, which it hunted
by gripping it at the base of the neck to prevent its using its
horns while it was being killed.  [While just speculation,
this is about as good as any other idea].

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