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Re: Tyrannosaurs

>On another thread from the same posting, I remember reading in the newspaper
>(within the past 6 months) that there had been recent evidence of three 
>fingers instead of two on a T. rex skeleton.  If memory serves, the third 
>finger was opposed to the other two (i.e. a thumb).  Any truth to this in a 
>refereed journal?  I do remember that it was a "real" newspaper rather than 
>a tabloid, so of course this makes it completely believable.  :)

No tyrannosaurid has ever been found with three fingers.  Primitive forms
like Albertosaurus have a small degenerate third metacarpal, but this bone
would have been within the palm.  Complete Tyrannosaurus hands have shown
only two fingers.

Thomas R. HOLTZ
Vertebrate Paleontologist, Dept. of Geology
Email:Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)