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Re: T.Rex details/Dinofest

On Wed, 8 Jun 1994, Rafert, John wrote:
> I heard some discussion of T-Rex short arms being used as a means to hold on 
> during mating. According to Horner, the arms were short but strong, able to 
> lift 400 lbs. Speaking of T-Rex sex, Peter Larson has some interesting 
> research in progress regarding sexual dimorphism in T-Rex. He suggests the 
> more robust of the specimens are female due to the wider sacral regeon and 
> the size, and iI think angulation of the first cheveron of the tail. Perhaps 
> some of you have updates on his research. He discussed this at Dinofest in 
> Indy back in March.                                            ^^^^^^^^

Horner's book "The Complete T.Rex" is a good read if you are interested in
the latest theories on this. I'd like to know if these theories have been
applied to specimens of what are thought to be T.Rex juveniles.

The mention of the word "Dinofest" caught my eye. Can you describe this event?
Is it open to the general public?

Thanks,  ...Dave Jones

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