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Re: T-Rex teeth

 > How were a T-rex' teeth arranged?  Was it like a shark, which has a
 row of
 > front teeth which are easily ripped out when it bites, but has 2 or
 3 rows
 > of nascent teeth which quickly grow to replace them?  Or once gone,
 > they gone forever?
Closer to the former.  Shed theropod teeth are quite abundant,
far more abundant than almost any other dinosaur remains.
[In fact the uneven tooth size in a T. rex jaw is largely due to
different ages of the teeth].

However, a tric' or edmontosaur that rips lose has a good chance
of escape, thus not providing any food for the T. rex.  So holding it
close while killing it would increase the chances of a successsful
hunt.  It is *this* more than the loss of teeth that was probably
important - that plus the reduced danger of being gored by a tric' that
is held by the back while being slashed.

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