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re: T. rex

>Not to be a wet blanket, but none of the respondants considered T. rex as
>a scavenger, [...] T. rex [..] had insufficient femoral bone mass to
>sustain running speed [...]Given that ceratopsians _could_ gallop by the
>same analysis, as could hadrosaurs, T. rex must have been either an ambush
>predator or a scavenger.  THe latter seems more parsimonious to me [...]


1) Can a cat such as a felis domesticus or a felis leo gallop
by this same measurement?

2) Do we have a good estimate of the actual mass of a rex - i.e.
have we included the weight-saving features that rex's avian
characteristics would imply was present?

3) Does the rex bone structure imply it is of the same strength
level as hadrosaur or ceratopsian bone?

Larry Smith