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Re: T. rex

jack@homebrew.uchicago.edu cites from Alexander's book:

> large theropod        4.5 - 4.9 mph WALKING
> ornithopods   9.6 - 10.7 mph RUNNING
> He goes on to say that he has no direct estimates for running  
> large theropods, BUT 1) the "dimensionless speed" of the 4.5 mph  
> theropod was about 0.4, and 2) the minimal dimensionless speed that  
> defines running is 0.7. ...

Humans walk at about 2.5 to 3 MPH.  The average human can run in a
short burst at speeds well in excess of 10 MPH, and a trained sprinter
can achieve over 20 MPH.  (A 10-second 100-yard-dash is an average
speed of 20.455 MPH.)  How do these figures stack up against the
numbers Alexander puts forth?  What's our "dimensionless speed"?  And
how does the ostrich stack up - ostriches don't *walk* much faster than
we do, yet they can run at 40 MPH or so.


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