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I was fortunate to be able to attend Dinofest 94 which was put on by the 
department of geology at Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis 
in March. Many of the top paleontologists were on hand to present papers and 
report on new research. They included John Ostorm, John Horner, Phil Currie, 
Peter Larson, Don Wolberg, Dale Russell, Greg Paul, Karen Chin, Nicholas 
Hotten III, Peter Dodson, and numerous other superb presenters. Bob Bakker 
was scheduled, but was a no show. Not too shabby, eh?  The event covered a 
wide range of levels of presentations, from the professional level, to the 
informed amateur, to a special satellite hook up panel discussion for 
children around the country. I use to think I had some knowledge of 
dinosaurs, but was amazed at the level and quality of research displayed at 
the event. I have plenty of room to increase my knowledge base. I will not 
try to review all the topics here. However, the geology department is in the 
process of producing a companion book containing the papers presented at the 
fest. I talked to them this morning, and it is still in the works but no 
firm date of publication was mentioned. If you would like to be on the 
mailing list for the book, you might call 1-317-274-7484. This is the 
department information. I am sure they would be glad to include your name on 
the list. A special thanks to Dr. Gary Rosenberg, who organized the event. I 
hope we can do it again next year.